Ashland Jewelry & Pawn Shop
  • Ashland Jewelry & Pawn Shop

    Don't LOSE Your Gold,
    USE Your Gold!

    Ashland Jewelers is a family owned and operated pawn shop proudly serving Chicago's south side communities for 27 years.

    Get the money you need today!

    About Us

    • Ashland Jewelery & Pawn Shop is a family owned and operated pawn shop serving Chicago's Back of the Yards and surrounding communities since 1985.

    • For the last 27 years Ashland Pawn Shop has helped our customers out of tight situations in good times and bad and we understand that times are hard. Ashland will always offer loans at rates that are 25% less than the competition.

    • We are proud sponsors of the Rumble Arts Center. Rumble Arts is a 501(c)3 non-profit community arts center serving people of all ages and providing much needed arts education and expression for under funded Chicago communities.

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  • Current eBay Auctions

    Our inventory changes frequently and so do our auctions! Check back often!

  • How it Works

    Pawning your valuables is easy and usually takes less than 10 minutes from start to finish.

    1. Bring an Item of Value:
    We accept the following items for loan or sale:
    Gold, Platinum & Silver Jewelry (Even if it's broken). Televisions, BluRay and DVD Movies, Mac & Windows Computers, iPhones, iPads, Digital Cameras, BluRay & DVD Players, Audio Equipment and much more!
    If you're not sure we'd be interested in your item feel free to give us a call with the model number and one of our friendly pawnbrokers will be happy to help you over the phone.

    2. Get a Loan or Sell
    One of our expert pawnbrokers will assess your valuables and offer a loan based on the used value of your items. The more value your belonging has on the used market the more we can loan on it.
    Whether you need $10 or $10,000 we will do everything we can to meet your needs.

    3. Get Your Money:
    Loans are valid for 90 Days and can be extended any time by paying the current finance charge listed on your pawn ticket. To pickup your items simply pay the finance charge and the original loan amount. All items will be returned to you in the same condition they were left in GUARANTEED.
    Please note - A Valid State or Federal ID is required for all pawn transactions.

  • Our Address

    1543 West 47th St.
    Chicago, IL 60609



    Hours of Operation

    Monday 9:00AM   6:00PM
    Tuesday 9:00AM   6:00PM
    Wednesday 9:00AM   6:00PM
    Thursday 9:00AM   6:00PM
    Friday 9:00AM   6:00PM
    Saturday 9:00AM   5:00PM
    Sunday CLOSED    

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